Why we need Excel?

Every individual/professional who uses computer surely works on MS-Excel. MS Excel helps to maintain different type of data whether it is HR or Operations or Technology. Everyone plays with their data in Excel to get summary, prepare beautiful dashboard, impress their bosses with new Charts, maintain their Employee Data, Sales data, Business data, to maintain their expenses, preparing their projects, using calendars, writing their notes in Excel or they might use Excel to prepare their Monthly Budgets. 

So if you haven’t learned this amazing application yet, then you may read this entire page to understand the Basics Of Excel

Let’s Understand Excel

EXCEL is calculation spreadsheet similar to our childhood math notebook. We can use Excel for any kind of Data Maintenance, Summarizing Data, Getting Output from it or doing any kind of calculations and lot more

Beginners Tutorial Video

We created this small video for you to understand how this Excel looks like and how it works. This will help you to understand Excel Fundamentals. Hope you will like it

  • Data Entry
  • Data Maintenance
  • Data Formatting
  • Data Calculations
  • Create various Charts
  • Automations through VBA and lot more

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